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Old felonies might be solved with the use of DNA technology

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2019 | Felonies |

DNA technology features in identifying many cold cases across the country, including Michigan. Felonies that could not be solved decades ago might now be reopened, and the availability of advanced DNA methods could throw new light on the unsolved cases. One such a case was recently reported in another state, and a man who police say was sought for 25 years was recently arrested for a murder that happened in 1993.

Reportedly, a 35-year-old woman died from stab wounds in an apartment in 1993. Investigators gathered DNA among the evidence at the time, and that has now been linked to a man who will soon face criminal charges. By using a genealogy website, investigators hoped to find DNA of the murderer or a close relative on the website that closely matched the DNA collected 25 years ago. They were successful and found what they were looking for on the website.

It is unclear how investigators tied the DNA to the man that was arrested. However, they reportedly followed the suspect to a hockey game where they retrieved a napkin that the man discarded after using it. That napkin was used to match the DNA to the alleged murderer.

Anyone in Michigan who is accused of felonies based on DNA information obtained from a website will remain innocent until, and if, his or her guilt can be proved without a reasonable doubt. It is crucial to secure the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Legal counsel can work to protect the accused person’s rights and launch an independent investigation to gather evidence that might help to establish a strong defense and secure a favorable outcome for the accused individual.