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Cybercrimes involve computer and internet use to commit crimes

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2019 | Computer And Internet Crimes |

The United States Constitution has a Commercial Clause that provides the federal government with authority to prosecute and regulate white collar crimes. The accessibility provided by the internet makes cybercrimes some of the most frequently committed white collar crimes in Michigan and other states. Federal agencies such as the FBI, Secret Service, IRS, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and U.S. Customs are all role players in the enforcement of legislation related to white collar crimes, which often involve computer and internet use.

Identity theft is reported to be the white collar crime that shows rapid growth nationwide, often committed via the internet. Other forms of cybercrimes include money laundering and currency counterfeiting. Computer-related crimes also include hacking, which involves the invasion of government and commercial sites to obtain the personal information of registered users of the sites. The aim could also be to disrupt operations of the hacked entity.

Cracking is another form of cybercrime that involves gaining access to the victim’s software. The invasion allows crackers to remove copy protections, invade computer network security devices and obtain encrypted code. Phishing is a commonly committed crime by which an email scam is used to get passwords and user information on specific websites. Users are tricked into following links to bogus sites that appear authentic but serve only for the illicit gathering of information.

Because almost everybody has access to a computer and the internet, anyone can be accused of committing cybercrimes. If a Michigan resident is in such a situation, the best way in which to handle it might be to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. A lawyer can assess the circumstances and start working on a strong defense even before charges are filed. Being proactive might improve the chances of obtaining the best possible outcome.