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Facing tax evasion charges

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Tax evasion is one of the most consequential white collar criminal charges a person may face. Many people worry that they may never recover if they find themselves under investigation for tax fraud, which is certainly a reasonable fear without a strong legal defense. However, many tax charges result from inaccurate interpretations of tax compliance. If you face tax evasion charges, now is the time to begin building your defense.

Tax laws are among the most complicated codes in existence, so it is a possibility that you may have simply made an error while calculating and paying your taxes. As you review your tax documents and the charges against you, keep in mind that your prosecutor wants to prove that you took intentional actions, even if you did not.

Tax evasion charges create many issues for defendants, because they involve both tax law and criminal consequences. It is important to understand that you must defend yourself against criminal charges while also addressing complex tax issues.

Tax errors are not the same as evasion

The government takes taxes seriously, especially when significant tax revenue goes missing, or appears to go missing. At the same time, tax professionals throughout the country make it their full-time job to understand shifting tax laws, which are incredibly complicated. It is entirely possible that the IRS believes that you evaded taxation while you believed that you paid your tax obligations properly.

If you do owe taxes because of a miscalculation, it is likely that you cannot avoid these expenses. However, making a mistake is not an intentional act, and you should not face criminal consequences for an error. Building a strong legal defense helps ensure that you correct any errors without suffering unfair consequences.

Building a defense is complicated when a person’s tax behavior looks like intentional evasion. For instance, if you do not report certain income because of a misinterpretation of tax law, this may appear similar to tax evasion. Misreporting or underreporting income occurs more often in certain types of businesses, such as those that handle cash. Similarly, some individuals choose to write off expenses but cannot provide proper documentation of these expenses. While this does not mean that the expenses are false, it may appear that way to tax authorities.

Build your defense today

Although legal issues may seem as though they take forever to resolve, it is not wise to procrastinate around building your legal defense. The longer you wait to begin, the fewer legal tools you have to protect yourself.

No matter how your charges arose, a strong legal defense helps clarify your options and ensures that your rights remain secure while you resolve your tax complications. Begin building your defense today to use the full strength of the law to protect yourself and the ones you love.