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Treatment might be an option with opioid-related drug crimes

On Behalf of | May 30, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

Drugs are often the justification for a Michigan criminal investigation and arrest. These arrests are frequently related to sale, manufacture, distribution and trafficking. However, there are cases where people are using drugs, leading to them being arrested and charged. Recently, opioid abuse has become a significant problem. Instead of punishment, there could be options for treatment.

There are clear and recognizable signs of opioid abuse

When considering treatment instead of punishment for drug crimes, recognizing clear signs of opioid abuse is key. The primary opioid that has been in the news is fentanyl. Other drugs are categorized as opioids. They include heroin, Oxycodone, morphine and codeine.

These drugs are addictive and may lead to people committing crimes to acquire them. Those who are abusing opioids exhibit common symptoms. Some of these are losing weight, excessive drowsiness, different eating habits, moodiness and incrementally increased drug cravings.

Opioid abuse can negatively impact the body’s functioning with brain activity, heart problems, lung problems, altered bathroom habits and weakened bones. A growing number of people are overdosing. This can cause hospitalization and death.

Law enforcement and emergency medical personnel are equipped with substances like Narcan to treat someone who has overdosed. These health challenges are exacerbated if a person faces criminal charges for opioids. Frequently, they result in felony drug crimes, adding the fear of incarceration to the mix.

Considering alternatives like treatment may help with opioid charges

Going through a criminal trial and facing the prospect of jail and fines is unlikely to help a person dealing with drug dependency, particularly opioids. In these situations, it is wise to recognize the signs and seek assistance in dealing with criminal charges and avoiding extensive penalties with treatment.