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Options available for addressing post-conviction matters

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2021 | Post-Conviction Matters |

If you feel that you have been wrongfully convicted of a crime in Michigan, you may understandably feel helpless. At the same time, you might feel frustrated and eager to clear your name. Fortunately, a reputable felony defense attorney can help with aggressively addressing such post-conviction matters.

If you are interested in overcoming an inappropriate criminal conviction, you must first embark on the appeals process. Then, you can take advantage of other remedies available to give convicted individuals the opportunity to be relieved of their convictions. For instance, you may claim that the appellate or trial lawyer you used did not exercise his or her duty to protect your best interests, and this negatively impacted you.

If you end up losing your appeal, you may still file a special petition in the United States District Court: the habeas corpus petition. You have 10 months from the time of the denial of your appeal to file this petition. Failing to file the petition within this time frame will cause you to lose your case.

Dealing with post-conviction matters in Michigan can understandably be overwhelming. However, an attorney can help you to navigate these issues with confidence, taking into the unique circumstances surrounding your case. The attorney can also work with you to get your conviction expunged, which means that your conviction would be removed from your criminal record as though it never occurred. Your attorney’s main aim will be to help you to achieve the most personally favorable outcome while protecting your rights each step of the way.